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2014 Air Jordan Retro 6 VI “History Of Jordan” – New Images


Of course its the Year of the Retro 6 and Jordan Brand is still bringing us new and unusual Retro 6 Colorways including a few OG colors. Another colorway that we will be seeing is the All Red Retro 6 that popped up a few weeks ago. At first it was hinted to be a part of the Upcoming Jordan Retro Brazil pack but that was later found not to be true, but due to the graphics and printing on the sockliner the name History of Jordan was given. The shoe Feature's a all red premium leather upper and a all white midsole, hints of Green also spotted on the Jordan Retro 6 gives it that Christmas appeal. Not sure exactly what this New Retro is or the purpose of its existence but take a good look at these new images and let us know what you think.

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2014 Air Jordan Retro 11 XI Low “Infrared 23″ – New Images


Usually We only see 1 Jordan 11 Low Release a year but this year Jordan Brand decided to drop a few colorways. First we saw the release of the Concord lows, a Colorway that many have been waiting for a while to see. After then we saw the release of a snakeskin pair the "Nightshades" now we see JB going back to the Infrared color. This new Retro 11 low features that tuxedo look, black patent leather wrap with a black mesh upper blinds will with the Infrared 23 color. These are set to drop June 14th. Let us know what you think about this new colorway, will you be copping?

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2014 Nike Air Jordan Retro 2 II “NightShade”- New Images

Jordan Brand has been going out of the ordinary with some of their Retro colorways over the last few years and the trend continues. Along side the OG White/Varsity Red Retro 2s JB will be dropping few new colors with one already hitting stores and doing fairly well. This new Retro 2 colorway features the same colors as the Snakeskin lows that drop already. The Nightshade and volt color blends will with the black on these Retro 2s and def will be one of the better Retro 2 releases this year. They are scheduled to drop this month and expect a quick sellout. Let us know how you feel about these Retro 2s.



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2014 Air Jordan Retro 14 XIV “Thunder” – New Images

Not just a Year of 6s but Jordan Brand will be adding a few Retro 14s to the mix. Check Out these New Jordan Colorway to the Retro 14 lineup. Taking notes from another Classic Black and yellow Retro the 4's these Thunder 14's def stand out among the rest. The nice soft suede upper looks amazing and the placement of the Vibrant yellow is well placed. Look for these to drop in the next 2 months and let us know if these will be a cop for you! These will be dropping sometime in June and will be a great release.


2014 Air Jordan Retro 6 VI “Sport Blue” – Detailed Images


More Retro 6's are coming this fall. And for one particular color is been a long time coming. Dropping in August will be the Return of the classic Jordan Retro 6 "Sport Blue" aka September Blue. They have not seen a return since is OG release and will be a highly sought after release. Check out the New detailed Images an let us know what you think. Simple colorway similar to the infrared 6s but replacing the Infrared for Sports Blue.


2014 Premium Air Jordan Retro 6 VI “Cigar” – Detailed Images

PicsArt_1398882277855Jordan Brand is pulling out all the treats this year with is being the 23rd Anniversary of the Retro 6. Many Colors yet to come but maybe not as special as the upcoming Championship pack. Jordan  Was known to indulge in a nice Cigar and bottle of Champagne after every Championship win and JB is bring those 2 things together. Here is a look at the Retro 6 Cigar out of the pack. The material used are top of the line hardly ever seen on a sneaker. the Gortex rugged brown leather is used for the upper and a nice suede sockliner is also used. These will come in a special 2-tone box and special VI paper. Check out these new Detailed images and let us know what you think!                  


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2014 Air Jordan Retro 6 VI “Brazil” World Cup – Detailed Images


Of course this is the 23rd Anniversary so we expected to see a slew of New and Old Retro 6s this year. We have seen some great colors release already and many more to come. Jordan Brand also has a few surprise for us including these Very Unique Retro 6s. They feature a mix of leather and Suede upper with hints of Yellow and Mint green. The midsole is speckled out and the back tab. These are rumored to be a very limited release with only 2000 pairs reportedly being made. Not sure how true that is but they are a eye catching Retro to say the least. No exact release date has been reported yet as soon as we come across one we will let you know. What are your thought's on these world cup inspired Retro 6s.


2014 Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG “Gym Red” Suede- Detailed Look


Jordan Brand has brought the love for the Retro 1 back in a strong way with the Nike Air releases started in 2013 and this year they seem to be on the same path. This new Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 colorway is not a OG color but Can't co wrong with simple Chicago Bulls Red and White. The All Red upper features a Mix of Leather and Suede and has hints of White throughout the shoe included the Swoosh. Of course the shoe wouldn't be special without the Nike Air on the tongue done in white. No exact Release date on these yet but stay tuned for more info.

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2014 Nike Air Jordan Retro 2 II OG “White/Varisty Rred”- New Images


The Retro 2 has made a Return this year after a 4 year absent. Last seen Retro in 2010 The Retro 2 is a stable in the Sneaker world making way for Other Jordan and Nike styles. So far Jordan Brand has released 1 New colorway the "Infrared Cement" with another New Colorway "Night shades" on the way. But soon a Original Colorway will be making its way back. Take a detail look at the Jordan Retro 2 "White/Varisty Red" simple bulls colors never get old. The all white leather upper is highlighted by red trim and light grey sole. Look for this to be making its Way to stores soon. Will this be a cop for you? Let us know!

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2014 Air Jordan Retro 11 XI Low “Concords”- New Images

Many years of hoping and wishing your sneakerhead dreams will finally become a reality. Jordan Brand will be releasing a low top version of the Classic Jordan Retro 11 "Concords" we have seen MJ over the last few years stepping out in his pairs and His PE's popping up on ebay. But soon it will be your chance to own these beauties without paying the crazy price. Same features as your High version the Low top Concords have a black patent wrap and white mesh upper. Small hints of Dark Concord on the upper tabs and bottom of the shoe bring these together very well. Check out the new images let us know If you will be copping.

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