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2013 Air Jordan Retro 4 IV “Green Glow”- First Look

After initial images of the Green Glow Jordan 4, many of us were instantly hooked. Something just seemed to blend about the color combination JB put together. But that was just a sample and of course most of the time samples change. And that is the case with the Green Glow! For what ever reason JB decided to add a light grey toe box to the shoes same as they did with the Stealth 4's. From earlier reaction many do not like the change and wish JB would have kept the original sample. Here is a first look at the release version featuring the grey toe box, your thoughts?

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2013 Air Jordan Retro 4 IV “3m?” Orange- First Look

Being the 23rd Anniversary of the Retro 5 and the 23rd Anniversary of the 4's was last year we surely did not expect to see as many retro 4's pop up as we are starting to see. With the Stealth 4's and Green Glow 4's up next, once again we see another Retro 4 pop up out of no where. This Retro 4 seems to carry a 3m upper we are not sure if it is the lighting or the actual shoe. Also seems to have light blue and hints of orange. Not much is known about is crazy colored Retro 4 but we are sure to get details soon. Let us now what you think about these 4's?

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2014 Air Jordan 6 IV Retro “Red Suede” -Sample

Next year will mark the 23rd Anniversary of the Jordan 6, which means tons of new and OG colorways will be hitting us sooner than we think. With half the year still left and many more retro 5's its kinda of early to be worrying about next year releases, but its hard to do when you have sick samples popping up. Take a look at these retro 6 "Red Suede" samples that pop up late last night. The Retro 6 looks similar to that of the black varsity red the dropped in 2010 but switches the black suede for red. What do you think about this new sample? Check it out. stay tuned for more info.

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2013 Air Jordan Retro 4 IV “Stealth” Oreo -New Images

Out of nowhere this 3-toned Jordan 4 pops up and catches us by surprise. JB hasn't been shy mixing up colors over the past few years and giving old styles new looks. This new Retro 4 seems to be the new reinvented Oreo. Sorry guys the classic Oreo 4 from 99 won;t be returning, you will be getting a new and funky color. This new retro 4 features different tones of grey on the upper. Going from light grey on the toe box, dark grey on the mid upper to black on the upper. The midsole is also given a funky look with a faded type affect going from black to grey. White speckles are also added to the midsole with a re air unit. Check out these New HD pic and let us know what you think?

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2013 Nike Lebron X Low “Watermelon” Sample- First Look

With the Lebron XI pictures starting to surface Nike still isn't done dropping some Lebron X heat. Here we give you a first look into another Lebron X low. the Colorway features a Pinkish upper with hints of green. Not sure if these will release or will remain a sample but if they do we are sure they will be a hit. Stay tuned to see if this Lebron X "Watermelon" samples release. Via ChinoJP87

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2013 Nike Air Lebron XI- New Images

Last night we gave you a first look into the Lebron XI that will be dropping this Holiday season. Now we wake up to a better image of what looks to be the final product. The Lebron XI seems to be on the more futuristic level. The Hyperfuse looking Lebron does not seem to show a visible air unit which is the first in many years. Take a look at New Lebron XI and let us know what you think?

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2013 Nike Lebron XI Sample- First Look

The Lebron X to many people was a improvement to some from the Lebron IX.  But the close of the 2013 NBA season means time for Nike to start bringing out the New styles once again. We have seen previews of the KD VI now we are starting to see images of the Lebron XI  pop up. Here is a image of a sample pair of the Lebron XI. The design seems to be a mix between Hyperflight and Hyperfuse. Maybe something  new Nike is trying. But remember this is only a sample they can also change. Your thoughts?

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2013 Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Meteor Shower” Sample

Foams Foams and more Foams. Nike has been producing foams at a very fast rate while also slowly increasing the price. We showed you images of some other pretty out there samples early in the year like the Weatherman Foams. But Nike is thinking way outside the box once again. Check out these Sample Foamposite Pro's that have multiple colored soles and upper which also features a meteor shower image. Look for these to release late 2013 or early 2014. What are your thoughts about this very colorful Foamposites. Would you cop?

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2013 Air Jordan 8 VIII Retro “Playoffs” -Another Look


One of the more popular Retro 8's will be making a return after 7 years of absents. The 2013 Retro stays similar to the Classic OG look accept for a few slight changes. The biggest is the Red pull tab on the back that was originally on the OG pair has still yet to Return on this years retro same as the 2007 retro. The Retro 8 will be returning next month to most JB accounts and will surely be a quick sell out. Check out the new images and let us know what you think about the 2013 Jordan 8 "Playoffs"

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2013 Air Jordan Retro 5 V “Aqua” GS- First Look

The thought of having a a black version on the Classic Jordan 5 "Grape" has been on the minds of sneaker heads for decades. But not that the Sneaker gods have heard or cries those with the smaller feet wondered if they would be blessed as well. Will its confirmed the 2013 Jordan Retro 5 "Aqua" will indeed be coming in GS sizes as well. Take a look at the GS version of the Aqua 5's which are already becoming a favorite among sneaker heads and still haven't yet released. Look for these to drop in mens sizes and GS June 1 at select Jordan Brand retailers.  VIA SW